March 1, 2013


After spring break and the ides of March, the summertime is on the fasttrack for arrival. And, per tradition, we can look forward to the regulars of the warmer months: sunglasses, sunny vacations and the oh so predictable high fuel prices. Like clockwork, we can expect to see the upward creep of dollars and cents at the gas pump after Memorial Day weekend. Heck, you can probably already see it happening now. We scrounge to save mere pennies while burning our dollars on the tried and true money pit that is our continued reliance on oil to fuel ourselves.

There's just got to be a better way, right?

April and Earth Day is a time for deliberation and activism to preserve our environment. What better way to usher in the month than by continuing The Beautiful World Series at The Paramount this season? This four film series this year is brought to you in conjunction with The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation, and are designed to celebrate, preserve and protect our delicate planet.

Although not from the same filmmakers, FUEL is a spiritual sequel to the ideas raised in the acclaimed documentary AN INCONVIENENT TRUTH. Directed by Josh Tickell, FUEL looks at the topic of energy in America. Tickell makes the film a personal platform as he tries to reconcile his upbringing in Louisiana (an oil-rich state) with the debate towards alternative energy sources. FUEL examines a wide range of energy solutions, the faltering US auto and petroleum industries, and the American mindset toward alternative energy. Along his journey, Tickell advocates the use of biodiesel - a diesel alternative made from plant oils as a possible solution. FUEL presents its case for America to think outside the oil barrel while illustrating that, like Tickell, any one of us can make a difference.

A New York Times Critics' Pick and winner of the Sundance Film Festival Audience Award for Best Documentary, FUEL is significant film that can impact all who see it. After the screening, a Q&A session will be moderated by The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation. A rousing and inspiration film hopefully yields some advocacy and advancement.

When one considers the expanse of our dependency on oil, it's clear that America has struggled with an addiction of Lindsey Lohan proportions. Alas, to help stave off our craving, the onus is on us to stage our own intervention. Although we got our first shock during the oil crisis of 1973, decades of geopolitical unrest and posturing has yielded little in our ability to break the habit.

Like George Santayana said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." What more do we have to endure to initiate a real change and shift in our attitudes?

I mean, think about it. Have we so quickly forgotten this scene from the 70s?


Spooky what supply and demand hath wroth.

And if that's not disheartening, how about this scary image from what will likely be the near future?
(Parental guidance suggested for the image below. Please cover your wallet's eyes)


Yeah. It's not a pretty prospect unless we act now.

Often when prices spike, there's always some faction out there that believe boycotting is the answer, yet it's often merely just a misdirection. Our real greatest hope is to heed the cautionary signs and look for the next fuel solution. This film aims to help spark discussion and ignite that very action. A rousing and inspirational look at what keeps our country moving, FUEL hopes to get you moving in bold new directions long after the last reel ends.

Your brain is ripe for some fresh perspective on the energy dilemma. Fill 'er up.

FUEL will be syphoned into your mind on Wednesday, April 3rd 2013 at 7:30 pm.